Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Dr. Howard Helps You and Your Pets

Every week we veterinarians are asked to euthanatize several cats or dogs that were beloved by their owners but have become so sick they are a burden to their owners and to themselves.  Often the owners lament having to kill a dear friend.  And, we veterinarians are in sympathy.  More often than not the pet’s condition could have been treated and the animal would have lived several more happy years if only the owner had recognized months earlier that trouble was brewing for the pet.
This infomercial is part of a series I hope pet owners will refer to whenever their pet “is not quite right.”  Perhaps these articles will save or prolong one pet’s life by informing pet owners of the care that will help their animals.  Please check this site regularly to read about the many Care Prevention tips, Signs of Trouble and What To Do topics we will cover to help you and your pet.

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